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Classic Riven Returns to PC and Meta Quest

Classic Riven Returns to PC and Meta Quest

Are you old enough to remember puzzle games too? puzzle And the sequel tornPersonally, I remember being captivated by the beautiful worlds and enchanting atmosphere. The game was graphically ahead of its time, although most of the scenes were fairly static images. They involved solving advanced puzzles and moving ancient machines in search of answers to the many mysteries hidden in the world. You couldn’t die, you couldn’t shoot, and there was no inventory. Instead, you were the one who joined the game world.

torn I had, by then, come up with five amazing CDs and I remember filling page after page with clues to the various mysteries. And I had a blast.

It's hard to say how torn They have stood the test of time, but now a new generation gets the chance to revisit the mysterious islands to solve mysteries and explore beautiful places. This is with launch torn Via Steam and Meta Quest. Developers Cyan Worlds had to rebuild almost everything in their old movie, but the result looks grander than ever. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to explore torn In real 3D via VR headset Meta Quest.

paying off Riven steam page For more information on this true classic.

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