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Microsoft pulls Windows update

Microsoft pulls Windows update

Despite months of testing in the Insider program’s Canary and Beta channels, a bug managed to sneak into Microsoft’s latest voluntary Windows 11 update, which was released on June 25. For some users, the update, KB5039302, caused their computers to get stuck in a reboot loop and they had to uninstall the update via the recovery environment.

Microsoft has confirmed that Latest Windows It is aware of the bug reports and has chosen to pull the update entirely until further notice, while the developers work to locate and fix the bug.

According to Windows Latest, the bug only affects users who have multi-tier virtualization enabled, something developers typically use to, for example, run Docker and other things in virtual machines. Support for it in Windows comes via the Hyper-V feature included in Pro and Enterprise licenses but not in Home licenses. And while it’s related to virtualization, the bug doesn’t appear to affect Windows when it’s installed in a virtual machine.

It's not common for Microsoft to completely pull Windows updates, but it does happen from time to time due to bugs that can cause the entire system to crash or develop serious security flaws.

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