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Cillian Murphy will 'definitely' return for Peaky Blinders by Steven Knight |  British GQ

Cillian Murphy will 'definitely' return for Peaky Blinders by Steven Knight | British GQ

Okay ok ok. After a few years of Slim masks Now that we're away from our screens, we can start dusting off our flat cases and rewinding our pocket watches. Why? Since its movie version is due to start filming soon, that's why – and a bloody Cillian Murphy will be back as Tommy Shelby himself, he is. Filming takes place in September. Blimey.

Here's everything we know about him Slim masks film.

It's official: Cillian Murphy is back by order of Peaky Blinders Steven Knight

Knight confirmed the news that everyone was waiting for. Not only him Slim masks The film will be shot very soon, it's just a matter of months, in September! – Cillian Murphy, fresh off his bloody Oscar win, will return for this, reprising his role as Tommy Shelby.

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Cillian Murphy is the man of the moment

For nearly 30 years, Cillian Murphy has built an unimpeachable body of work as one of the most versatile actors of his generation – while somehow remaining smartly out of the public eye. Now, as an Oscar front-runner, he is… Oppenheimer The star pulls back the curtain (a little)

Knight revealed Murphy's return on the red carpet at the premiere of his new BBC series This city, number Birmingham World (Long live the local press): “[Murphy] Definitely going back to that. We're filming it in September on the road in Digbeth.

Knight had a lot of nice things to say about Murphy's Oscar-winning role Oppenheimer, also. “It was very well deserved,” he said of the win. “I mean he's great, he's a great human being and he leads the line when we shoot and he's very level-headed and straight forward. He deserves everything he gets.” Well, you're not exactly going to complain about being able to stay in the Championship. Oscar winner(!) Cillian Murphy” in the intro to your film’s trailer, Would You?

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Before spilling the beans on This city In the premiere, Knight remained committed to all the news regarding Cillian Murphy. He confirmed In a 2022 interview However, Shelby will have some role to play in the film. “It's impossible to say yet. But the movie – yes.”

In response, in an interview with Rolling Stone UKMurphy remained silent but did not close the door completely. “If there's more to the story, I'd love to do that, but it has to be right,” he said. “Steve Knight wrote 36 hours of television, and we walked away thrilled. I'm really proud of this final series. So, there has to be “A sense of legitimacy and justification to do more.” His answer raised a few more questions than answers.

Murphy isn't the only name on the list Becky Menu of course. The series features a host of British talent, from Tom Hardy to Anya Taylor-Joy and Stephen Graham. “There's a lot of people, a lot of great actors, that we're already kind of talking to for the movie,” Knight said, before interestingly continuing: “And for everything that comes after that.”

Frustratingly for fans, Graham was almost absent from the game Becky Final, but knightly Confirmed That he wanted the actor to be “part” of the film to some extent. British TV favorite Vicky McClure may be another addition to the film's cast, despite being left out of the series itself. “I never got it,” she told Red magazine in 2019 [a part in Peaky]. Although work is regular, it doesn't always go my way. However, Nate Metro said He would “love” to have McClure in the movie: “We'll put her in the movie if she'll do it!”

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