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Apple may release an ultra-thin and expensive iPhone in 2025

Apple may release an ultra-thin and expensive iPhone in 2025

Apple has been releasing the same set of new iPhone models for several years: the iPhone N, iPhone N Plus, iPhone N Pro, and iPhone N Pro Max, but next year Apple may change that design formula.

the information Reports suggest that Apple is planning to drop the Plus model in the iPhone 17 family. Instead, the company will launch a new top model above the Pro Max. It will be called the iPhone 17 Slim, and as the name suggests, it is an ultra-thin model, with a 6.6-inch display – slightly smaller than the Pro Max but larger than the regular and Pro models.

Apple is not said to have finalized the design, but is still experimenting with, among other things, a new aluminum chassis, a smaller hole in the display for the Face ID sensors and cameras mounted in the middle of the back instead of one. Angles.

Apple is on a new wave of focus on thin forms, the company made clear when the new iPad Pro was launched recently. Many YouTube channels testing the durability of electronic gadgets have shown that the new “frog” is surprisingly tough.

According to the analyst Ming Chi cos Sources, Apple will test a new stainless steel battery case in the fall for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. It should allow for higher power density in the battery thanks to better heat dissipation, but it could also contribute to a more durable phone, and if it works well, Apple should use the new design in all new models by 2025.

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