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Christian athletes introduced a new sport in Buda

Christian athletes introduced a new sport in Buda

During the hot days of July, the sandy beaches of North Öland are filled with summer vacation people longing for sun and a swim. But not everyone chooses beach rest. Today the world was in Bödagården to learn about a new sport growing around a core of talented Christian practitioners.

Roundnet is a sport that comes from the USA. It all started in the 1990s, but really took off about 15 years ago, says Isaga Ekman, who herself holds the Swedish Championship gold in the team, along with Simon Stenquist, on her merit list.

The sport continues larger in the United States than in Europe.

There are many clubs in every state and maybe more than 100,000 players in the United States. He continues, in Europe there are about 5,000 practitioners.

In Sweden, sport has become the new acquaintance for an increasing number of people.

– Until now, this is considered a “church sport” in Sweden. Inside Creek (Kristen Idrotskontakte) there are plenty of people playing, says May Negren.

fact that Roundnet, a sport invented by a company called Spikeball, is largely built around Christian practitioners, giving the work a more perspective.

Lots of Christians do and sports grow around them, it’s a great way to invite people. KRIK works with both mission and integration work. Here at Böda, we have a team that has moved to the other side of the beach to build a community with people, says My Nygren.

The ambition of the players is to spread the joy of playing they experience to more people. In Sweden, there are still three clubs with about 300 active players.

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– More clubs are about to start, next year we expect the number of practitioners to double, says Isaga Ekman.

Sports can, at least To some extent, compared to volleyball. The two players who form two teams have three contacts with the ball to play over the opponent’s ball and, as in volleyball, the ball must not touch the ground. Isja Ekman explains that an important difference is that you hit the ball online rather than the goal over the net. It emphasizes the potential of sports as a board game and as an exercise.

– You see more and more people playing in parks. He says the sport is cheap and easily accessible.

It is very easy to take the equipment with you. My Nygren says: “People can see that it sounds fun and hungover.

There are also examples of exercisers in stationary sports using the round net for training or warming up.

– There are hockey teams that run as a warm-up. It’s also good as goalkeeper training, says My Nygren, you’re throwing yourself and training your reaction ability.

when available The offer there is also elite. About 60 of Sweden’s best players took part in Boda.

This competition was part of the Sweden Tour which includes competitions in Uppsala, Buda and Gothenburg. On the tour, you can collect points before the Swedish Championships (Swedish Championships) to be decided in September at Gärdet in Stockholm. We hope that at least 25 teams will participate in the Swedish Championships which includes the Swedish Women’s Championships, the Swedish Open and Mixed Championships where a boy and a girl compete together, says Isaga Ekman.

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In Böda, Esaja Ekman and My Nygren formed mixed teams.

– We got to the round of 16 which we unfortunately lost, but playing here was fun, as they say.

sports in Today it is part of the Volleyball Federation that belongs to the RF (Riksidrottsförbundet), but the dreams of the athletes do not stop there.

– The dream is that there will be a lot of clubs that we can become our own sports federation. My Nygren says it is a future goal, for the sport to be recognized.