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Chinese censorship of films now also applies in Hong Kong.  Snigget

Chinese censorship of films now also applies in Hong Kong. Snigget

Film censors in Hong Kong will now stop distributing films that threaten China’s national security. This gives it, on paper, the semi-independent region the same censorship of films run by China. Already in the spring, the documentary Inside the Red Brick Wall (trailer below) was not shown in Hong Kong after mainland China had differing opinions. These rules have been informal for some time, but they have become official.

The new film guide for Hong Kong now says that censorship in the region must take into account the film’s impact on viewers. Oversight should take into account the obligation to prevent and suppress acts or activities that threaten national security and the joint responsibility of the people of Hong Kong. This is to protect the sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China.

As is well known, Chinese film censors are very impatient with things that do not suit the authorities, and therefore it is unfortunate that Hong Kong films and films that will be shown in cinemas in the future will suffer a lot. stricter rules.

Hong Kong films played a huge role during my youth, so this hurts a little. Action movies from the region felt like they were light years before anything else came from the Western world, and in many ways, it seems like they haven’t caught on yet.

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