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Odds: This 2019 Christmas present is in the spirit of audio technology

Odds: This 2019 Christmas present is in the spirit of audio technology

After breaking the trend last year, it’s once again a tech gadget that will hold the title of Christmas Gift of 2019. According to Unibet odds, it’s the wireless headphones that bring the prize home.

On Wednesday, it’s time for the Institute of Commercial Investigation to present this year’s Christmas present for the 32nd consecutive time. The award is based on an analysis of the current and future consumption behaviors of Swedes, and in recent years has attracted exciting new tech gadgets such as robotic vacuum cleaners (2015), virtual reality goggles (2016) and electric bikes (2017).

Last year, that trend was broken when recycled clothes became this year’s Christmas gift. But according to Unibet’s odds, tech gadgets will take back the throne this year and the key word is sound. My favorite is the wireless headphones, which have a weight of 2.50, highlighted in the list of possibilities by the voice-controlled speaker (3.50). In joint third place on the list is the electric scooter and blanket weight to 5.00 times the money.

Wireless headphones could have already won the title last year, and smart speakers have been a snack for a few years now. Perhaps no one has missed the entrance to the electric scooter on the streets. Among my favorites, a weight blanket is one that can be considered snuggly, and who knows…Everyone wants a good night’s sleep, says Henrik Holm, gaming expert at Unibet.

Unibet odds of this Christmas 2019

2.50 . wireless headphones
3.50 . Voice Controlled Speaker
Electric Scooter 5.00
gravity blanket 5.00
Train trip 6.50
Donation to charity 7.00
Vacuum Cleaner 7.00
Smart lighting 8.00
TV subscription service 9.00
steamer 10.00
Board game 15.00
Indoor fertilizer 26.00
Indoor greenhouse 26.00
Facial cleansing brush .34.00
Thermos / water bottle 34.00
Drones 41.00.00

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See the updated odds:

For more information, please contact: Henrik Holm, Gaming Expert at Unibet, 070-875 41 31, [email protected]