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Canary Islands' new moves against tourists | World

Canary Islands' new moves against tourists | World

During the spring, tens of thousands of locals took to the streets of Spain's Canary Islands to protest against mass tourism.

Anger has been directed at the construction of luxury hotels and the lack of housing in the cities, while environmental groups have warned of a “collapse” when the archipelago's nature can no longer handle all the tourism.

She wrote that the Spanish authorities have now launched a provocative advertising campaign in the hope of attracting the “right” type of traveller. Canary Weekly.

In the heart of Madrid, at the world-famous Puerta del Sol, huge banners have been erected with a clear message: “The islands are not for everyone.”

So you are welcome

Bus stops throughout Madrid have been filled with advertising signs, which, in addition to the main message, contain suggestions about the kind of person who is welcome in the Canary Islands.

“HeyIf you enjoy the beach without leaving a trace behind, welcome to the Canary Islands. You say on the mark, and “If you understand the importance of staying the course, welcome to the Canary Islands.” On another.

The Canary Islands' tourism minister, Jessica de Leon, described the campaign as “disturbing and courageous” and hoped it would promote sustainable tourism.

“We want to highlight what is special about the Canary Islands as a destination, and focus on the type of tourists we want to attract: those who appreciate our unique landscapes, our traditions and our way of life,” she told Canarian Weekly.

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