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Canada lost to Finland - you may miss the quarter-finals of the Hockey World Cup

Canada lost to Finland – you may miss the quarter-finals of the Hockey World Cup

Canada was on its way to a rare Ice Hockey World Cup failure. After three consecutive defeats against Latvia, USA and Germany at the start of the tournament, the chance of reaching the qualifiers was basically slim.

But Canada beat Norway, defeated Kazakhstan and, on Sunday, cleansed Italy with ease. Meanwhile, they had results with them in several other matches, and suddenly there was only one hurdle left in the search for a place in the quarter-finals: defending champion Finland.

Canada got off to a perfect start.

Already after 1.30 Brandon Perry was shot 1-0, a score that in such cases meant a tipping point. At the beginning of the mid-term, however, Artu Rössalainen equalized in favor of Finland. However, it wasn’t long before Maxim Comtoua gave the Canadians the lead once again.

Canada maintained the lead for a long time and the long-awaited play-off is approaching. But four minutes before the end of normal time, Rötsalainen equalized – which was well played by the wonderful talented Anton Lundel – and the match went into overtime.

Finland eventually won 3-2 after penalties, which means Canada’s place in the quarter-finals depends on the outcome between Latvia and Germany tonight.

– We were the best on ice today. Maxime Comtoua tells SVT that it’s hard to lose, but we still think we can reach the quarter-finals.

Now Canada – Who played clearly in the group stage – in the qualifiers, with ten points. However, Germany and Latvia trailed by one point, and both defeated Canada earlier in the tournament. This means that both Latvia and Germany will overtake Canada if the match goes to extra time thanks to joint meetings.

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If either team wins in normal time, Canada will take a place in the quarter-finals.

Now it is just a matter of waiting, says Comtoua.

In Group A, Switzerland beat Great Britain 6-3. It is noteworthy that Britain’s King Liam Kirk scored two goals. He has now scored seven goals in numerous matches and is the top of the World Cup goalscoring list.

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