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Calle’s Wrath: “Lie like that” |  Cross country skis

Calle’s Wrath: “Lie like that” | Cross country skis

The relay is traditionally one of the most popular and prestigious competitions in the world of skiing.

But not this time.

On the men’s side in particular, many countries lacked the strength to field teams they normally do. For example, Switzerland chose not to even go to Gällivare.

But now comes even darker news.

– We will not drive the relay. Four weeks in Scandinavia is enough – so we’re going home to France tomorrow (Sunday), says French star Jules Sabbas.

– No, we won’t run the relay either. “We only have three skaters,” says Great Britain’s national team captain Jostyn Winjerui.

But you could have made a mixed team with another nation, right?

– Yes, with Austria. But we didn’t. The load is too high. Next week in Östersund and Trondheim it will be difficult for our riders to ride all the races.

Swedish anger: “Not funny”

Additionally, Norway only has seven men’s skaters, meaning they can only field one team.

The actions of the four countries mentioned are now drawing harsh criticism from the Swedish national team.

– I worry about Riley’s future when things are like this. It’s not fun for the riders, the spectators or the organizers. Relays should be the crème de la crème of the sport, says Anders Byström.

Does France think they’ve been in the north long enough?

– Hmmm, shame not to like Scandinavia more. The national team manager says acidly that they can’t stay for much longer.

What do you think of the UK cause – overload?

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– Too heavy? Two races this weekend and two next? Well, I really don’t know what to say.

Call: “It’s Too Bad”

The Swedish national team manager had a bit of a hard time digesting the fact that Norway had yet to bring a single skater so they didn’t bring two relay teams together.

– Surely there must be someone you can fly down to in northern Norway? They still have a lot of skiers in Norway.

And Swedish national team veteran Cal Halfvarsson is disappointed with his rivals.

– Too bad some countries don’t stand up.

Then the 34-year-old continues:

– If you want to hold relays in the World Cup, come on. All national teams must come – otherwise we might as well be shut down.

In the women’s relay, only six nations will start with a combined team of skaters from Italy and Poland. Ten countries start in the men’s relay.

This is how Sweden lines up in the relay

Sweden Team 1 Women

Moe Lundgren

Emma Rebom

Eppa Anderson

Moa Ilar

Sweden team 2 women

Sophia Henriksen

Martha Rosenberg

Lisa Ingeson

Louis Lindstrom

Sweden Team 1 Men

Johan Hagstrom

Cal Halfverson

Leo Johansson

Edwin’s anger

Sweden team 2 men

Alwar Mileback

Björn Sandström

Gustaf Berglund

Carl-Johann Westberg

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