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LeBron James tackles water in a digital sequel to 'Space jam'

LeBron James tackles water in a digital sequel to ‘Space jam’

There is a painful turning point in the Safdie brothers’ basketball documentary “Lenny Cooke” from 2013, where the talents of the same name face a tough opponent. In a youth game in the early 2000s, he met LeBron James, who would later become the best NBA player of his generation. For the hero of the film, none of the dreams becomes a career, and the epilogue depicts an everyday life far from the limelight.

Thus, it was LeBron James, and not anyone else, who got the role of a basketball star on the level of Michael Jordan in the sequel to the animated “Space jam” from 1996. Again, the film begins in childhood, with a main scene emphasizing the need for Work hard to get somewhere, and honor their parents in return. But as “Lenny Cooke” shows, the difference between success and canceled travel can seem surprisingly small.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” Tar Sidewalk Family drama is a step further — and it adds half an hour to playtime. The feature of the original naughty movie was that it was short. Michael Jordan seemed somewhat lost in his role, hijacked into outer space to play basketball with the Looney Tunes, as he felt arranged. The film was a light process with his not-so-successful stay in baseball, and offered somewhat innovative effects.

The disturbing second part is at least aware of the stature of the famous main character – here LeBron James is hijacked by a powerful algorithm that digitizes him to create more content. The plot itself takes place in the “server version”, which is not a very stupid picture of how the creative recycling of film companies works. The movie is a feature-length Warner Bros. spin-off. intangible assets.

LeBron James I “Space Jam: A New Legacy”.

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

But it doesn’t help “Space Crowding: A New Legacy” makes fun of this phenomenon when you do the same thing. Or it is a joke that a basketball player cannot act in front of the camera, in a film in which the basketball player plays the main role. The film falls on its own – self-irony – fist.

Not to mention portraying the role of the basketball star’s father. An introductory look back is followed by scenes where LeBron James himself tries to teach his sons the importance of discipline. The message is roughly that the ultra-wealthy don’t have to push their kids that hard to succeed. It sounds like a shock to him, but he may feel less inspired by others. Including Lenny Cook.

See more. Three basketball-themed films: “He got a game” (1998), “Semi Pro” (2008), “Uncut Gems” (2020).

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