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Bulk entertainment – a new feature on the way to Android tablets

Bulk entertainment – a new feature on the way to Android tablets

Google has developed a new feature for Android tablets that will gather all your pleasures in one place on the tablet. The new gathering place is called the entertainment space and aims to simplify it for spending time with the tablet. Instead of having to go into different apps and search for books, movies or games, you will be able to enter the new entertainment space and get what you want to offer.

The entertainment space is divided into three categories: Watch, Play, and Read. In the viewing category, you will have the opportunity to rent or buy movies from Google TV or get recommendations from Youtube. The entertainment space will also offer suggestions from Hulu, Twitch, and “many other services”. It is not clear exactly who will be compatible with the new job, and there is potential for it to vary across countries.

Under the game tab, you will be able to choose whether you want to test new games recommended for you based on the games you have already played, or if you want to keep playing something that you are in the middle of. Some games will also be available for so-called “online play”, that is, you can try them without downloading them.

If you like reading books on a tablet, Entertainment Space’s Reading category will let you jump into the books you’re reading, you can get new recommended books and if you want to choose an audiobook instead, you can do the same. You can also audit books before choosing to purchase them.

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Initially, Entertainment Space will only launch in the US on Walmart onn tablets, but later this year, the feature will roll out globally on several manufacturers’ tablets. If you use multiple tablets, you can create several different profiles so that each family member gets their own recommendations in Entertainment Space.