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A Chinese missile weighing about 20 tons fell to the ground

A Chinese missile weighing about 20 tons fell to the ground

China’s Tianhe space station, which weighs nearly 60 tons, is expected to be completed next year. It should be possible to build a maximum of six units, the first of which has now been launched into Earth orbit.

The missile in use is the Long March 5B model. After being launched from the Chinese province of Hainan and carrying its payload through the atmosphere, it was separated and the core of the missile entered temporary orbit. Then he started approaching the ground again as he was Experts also spoke British newspaper The Guardian is one of the largest uncontrolled entries in the atmosphere ever.

The last time they fired the Long March 5B missile, long metal rods ended up flying in the sky and causing damage to several buildings in Ivory Coast. We were lucky that nobody was hurt, astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell tells the newspaper.

The rocket transported a unit to the Tianhe Space Station.

Photo: STR

Parts of the missile The core will disintegrate when it enters the atmosphere again, and the extent of this, he said, is uncertain at this point. Since April 29, the US Army has named it 2021-035B and Whose path can be followed here, From an altitude of 370 to 295 kilometers while maintaining a speed of about 28,000 kilometers per hour.

The core of the missile is expected to shatter sometime between May 8 and 10, but since its current orbit extends from New York in the north to New Zealand in the south, it remains uncertain where it occurred. Sweden is outside the orbit of the missile core, and no parts are expected to shatter here.

And according to The Guardian, no country has intentionally left space debris weighing more than ten tons in Earth orbit only to return uncontrollably, according to the newspaper, the Long March 5B missile has an estimated weight of 21 tons.

Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell tells the Guardian the bad thing is that it’s really a neglect of China.

The drawing below shows where the missile is now located above the ground. It is updated regularly.

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