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Bronsmann thinks the development towards equal football is too slow.

Bronsmann thinks the development towards equal football is too slow.

Printed copy of Dagens Nyheter, 2021-05-10 19:31

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Gothenburg. Peter Bronsmann and his company have invested nearly 100 million in women’s football. Now the king of cider is closer to Sweden’s championship gold than ever before. Kobarbergs / Göteborgs Duldes as president doesn’t often interviews, but before the final race of Dam Svenskan, he tells DN what he thinks about inequality in Swedish football and his fight to survive in the South China Sea.

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Gitex from Mölndal became a Swedish champion, but no team from the municipality of Gothenburg won the gold in the Swedish championship on the women’s side. Peter Bronsmann thinks the title will soon become a reality.

Photo: Jonas Lindstedt

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Archery queen Pauline Hammerlund is one of seven Gothenburg players in the national squad, who qualified on Tuesday for the 2022 European Championship.

Photo: Thomas Johansson / TT

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Peter Bronsmann is not afraid of competition and hopes IFK Gothenburg is serious about his female investments.

Photo: Jonas Lindstedt

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