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Britishvolt challenges Northvolt with battery manufacturer

Britishvolt challenges Northvolt with battery manufacturer

The names remind us They cannot be denied from each other. Swedish Lars Karlstrom was probably inspired by his compatriot Peter Carlson Northvolt when he founded and named it Britishvolt in 2019. In any case, the companies have the same goal: to start giant battery factories that supply electric cars with batteries.

Continue this summer Britishvolt that they will establish themselves in the Welsh area, but it was recently announced that they will be outside the city of Blythe in the north-east of England. In 2021, the first plot of land will be laid, and in 2023, the plant will begin producing lithium-ion batteries – around the same time the Northvolt One is expected to run at full capacity in northern Sweden.

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Britishvolt focus on To supply batteries to British car manufacturers, to boost electric vehicle production in the country. Something very important now that the UK has left the European Union.

They appreciate the plant Which was built on an area of ​​95 hectares will create 3000 jobs, 8000 if you count the subcontractors. The energy supply will consist of renewable sources and there are plans to use the electricity connection between Norway and the UK that is currently being built. The North Sea Link is a high-voltage direct current cable and when completed in 2021, it will be the world’s longest power connection at the sea floor.

Businessman Lars Carlstrom He has a past as an advisor to Vladimir Antonov. Vladimir attempted to take over Saab Automobiles in a state of bankruptcy in 2011, but it was not approved by the European Investment Bank.

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