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British polls closed - more interest in Scotland

British polls closed – more interest in Scotland

More than 5,000 locations are at risk for British Super Thursday. Elections have been the largest in the UK since 1973. Elections to be held last year were postponed due to the epidemic. About 48 million voters now have the opportunity to express their views.

The greatest interest is generated by the election 129 seats endangered Scottish Parliamentary Holyrood in Edinburgh.

If Nicola Sturgeon and his nationalist party win the SNP majority, support for the plan to hold a second referendum on independence will increase by the end of 2023 or after the epidemic.

If the SNP fails, the London government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will declare it dead in a debate over whether Scotland should do better without the United Kingdom.

Unlike a national election, there are no major polling stations immediately.

The first election results are expected This applies to the by-elections of the new Member of Parliament in Hartlbull. Unemployment is the highest in the country and was recently named the tenth most backward city in the UK.

Hartlbull never elected a non-labor representative to Westminster, but now the Conservative Tories hope to break the previously invincible “red wall” of labor in the north. Votes in the Hartlbull election are counted in small amounts.

The BBC has said the election results for the mayoral elections in Scotland and London could come on Saturday, while the count for the Welsh parliament could be completed late on Friday.

Some election results, for example police chiefs, may be delayed until Monday.

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