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Britain has reached a milestone: many have been vaccinated

“We have reached a milestone”



The UK has the lowest number of deaths since September.

At the same time, more than five million Britons have received their second-line vaccine, and the country is preparing for the next step in reopening the community.

– Prime Minister Boris Johnson says we have reached a milestone.

While many countries in Europe are lagging behind in their vaccination programs, the vaccine is on track in the UK.

On Saturday, ten new Govt-related deaths were recorded in the UK.

This is the lowest number in the country since September 14.

On Saturday, it was reported that five million Britons had received their second dose of the vaccine. The Prime Minister of the country Boris Johnson is very pleased with the work done so far.

– We have reached a new milestone in our vaccination program, with more than five million people now vaccinated for the second time, he says Defender, And continues:

– I urge everyone to take their second dose as soon as it is given.

The country’s health minister agrees with Matt Hancock Johnson.

– The vaccine is safe and effective. Be sure to take your medication as soon as your turn comes, he says.

Boris Johnson after his first vaccination dose.

Photo: Frank Austin / Getty Images

Boris Johnson after his first vaccination dose.

Then the pubs reopen

The country has been hit hard by the epidemic, and more than 127,000 people have died in Kovil.

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Now they are approaching a bright spot. More than 31 million people in the UK received their first vaccine, and more than 5 million people received their second dose on Saturday.

Currently, the country has the opportunity to vaccinate all persons over the age of 50 and employees working in the health service.

The vaccine announcement comes at a time when the UK plans to further relax its restrictions. On April 12, gyms and shops are allowed to reopen.

If business can go outside, even the country’s favorite pubs can reopen their outdoor cafes. Hairdressers are also allowed to open if they can ensure that the business is run without the risk of spreading the infection.

However, the requirements for keeping distance still apply, and only table service is allowed.

Weddings, receptions and ceremonies are also allowed, with a maximum of 15 people.

Photo: Luca Bruno / A.P.

April 12 will open some sections of the UK community. In other pubs.