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Storbritanniens premiärminister Boris Johnson.

British Musicians on Appeal: “The Music of Killing Boris” – Kulturnytt in P1

“Boris killed the music.”
Boris kills the music.

On the subject, over the weekend, crowds of British musicians started criticizing the British Prime Minister on social media such as Twitter.

The reason is the information in The Independent, which quotes what could be called an anonymous European source, who claims that the British government in negotiations with the European Union on the Free Trade Agreement, refused to accept the offer of the European Union made by British musicians and artists after that. At the start of the year, you will be able to tour and perform in European Union countries for 90 days without having to apply for a visa and work permit.

The British government denies the allegations, saying that it was the European Union that refused to agree to what the British call a more ambitious proposal by EU and UK artists presented by the British side during the negotiations.

British musicians and the opposition Labor Party are now asking the government to put the cards on the table on what actually happened on this issue during the negotiations.

But in the agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which came into effect at the beginning of the year, there is no agreement now that musicians and artists will be exempt from visas, but British musicians and artists who want to perform in EU countries now need to apply for visas and permits. Work in every country of the European Union. It happens, which, for a group of, say, four people can be too expensive and time consuming.
However, there are different strict rules in different European Union countries.

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More than 200,000 British musicians and other artists have signed a petition demanding the government address the problem again and try to negotiate a solution with the European Union before concerts and tours become relevant again after the forced disruption that prevailed in most venues.