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Polling firm: 99 per cent sure Labor will win

Polling firm: 99 per cent sure Labor will win

After 14 years at the helm of the Conservative Tories, Labor looks set to win 484 of the House of Commons' 650 seats, according to Sarvation. The Tories will have to settle for 64 seats and battle the Liberal Democrats, who will be the largest opposition party.

Another poll by Yougov shows the Tories are heading for an even worse election in Wales than in 1997 when they failed to win a single Welsh seat.

UK Election 2024

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  • Keir Starmer is the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

    Keir Starmer cancels Rwanda programme

Stremer as Prime Minister

All is well for Labour, with party leader Keir Starmer holding an iron grip on the party. Among other things, he has prevented many party members from standing for election, explains Nicholas Aylott, director of the Europe Program at the Foreign Policy Institute.

Among those barred is Jeremy Corbyn, who led the party for five years.

– It was a ruthless move by Starmer, who took the first opportunity to remove Corbyn from the party, says Nicholas Aylott.

Labor remains cautious under Starmer's leadership. Their tactics were similar to those under Tony Blair: don't scare off any voters, according to Nicholas Aylott.

– His party is good, but not amazingly good. Nicholas Aylott explains that Conservative decline explains why Starmer will be the next prime minister.

What would Britain look like under Labour?

– There will be no radical policy changes. What you want is stability, says Nicholas Aylott, not the chaos you're used to with conservatives.

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As a person, Keir Starmer has been described as “ordinary”, but some believe he is colourless. He sometimes drinks beer and plays crow football on Sundays. Hear about him and his rise to power in the video below.

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Advocate, football supporter and possible movie character inspiration – Who is Labor leader Keir Starmer? Photo: John Super / AB