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Britain wants to stop sporting events in Russia

Britain wants to stop sporting events in Russia

On Monday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was recognizing Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine as independent and that the conflict in the region had escalated. The European Union is taking decisions and sanctions against Russia and many countries, including Sweden, have already invited diplomatic staff from Ukraine.

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It was not long before foreign reactions came after the Russian occupation, and now games could be affected as well.

In a statement on Tuesday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wanted sanctions against Russia to include the suspension of all international sporting events in the country. The scheduled Champions League final is set to take place on May 28, including the move from St. Petersburg.

“It is unthinkable for Russia to host major international football matches after the invasion of a sovereign country,” he says.

Writing at the same time Defender Uefa is set to stop the CL final at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg in May.

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The World Cup playoffs in Russia need to be changed

The security policy situation is that Poland wants to move to the World Cup playoffs in Russia against Russia at the end of the match. Poland’s Minister of Sports and Tourism, Kamil Portnich, wants the competition to be neutral.

– If it is not approved, we will think about what to do. “I do not think Polish athletes should go to Russia in such a situation,” he told Polish Radio 24.

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If Sweden beat the Czech Republic in the first playoff match, the match against Russia in Russia could wait for the Swedish national team.

– The whole world is holding its breath, and it is clear that the world of football is the same. It is important to follow day-to-day and hour-by-hour developments. Of course, even as the playoffs in Russia begin to approach, we have a chance to tackle this problem, says Carl-Eric Nilsson, president of the Swedish Football Association. Sportbladet.

Nilson further told the newspaper that SvFF officials would listen to Fifa and Uefa.

– We will not send soldiers and leaders anywhere if security is not guaranteed, in this case it is no exception, he says.

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Pandi is not clear about the trip for WC

In a month, Bandi WC is scheduled to take place in Russia and was presented by the Swedish team on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises not to travel to certain parts of Russia due to the conflict, but currently do not go to the venue of the Pandi World Cup in the city of Sikdivkar in the Komi region.

– We hold regular meetings about it. We are working in the future to see what the security situation will be like as time goes on. But we picked the team based on yesterday’s situation, says Karin Torneclint, sports director of the Swedish Pondicherry Association.

The men’s WC did not take place in 2020 or 2021. In addition to the WC team, the P17 also has a competition in Russia, which should be reviewed considering the security situation.

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– This is a board and security issue. Also for the P17 team, we will also be hosting a parent meeting. This is a very difficult question, Torneklint says.

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