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Britain wants closer relations with the European Union

Britain wants closer relations with the European Union

Rishi Sunak, the fifth British prime minister since the country voted to leave the European Union nearly seven years ago, has privately asked ministers and officials to draw up plans for how to rebuild relations with the EU in areas such as defence, immigration and trade. energy, Reuters news agency reports.

Last week, at the same time, a secret meeting took place between representatives of, among others, the two largest British parties and representatives of businessmen – both Brexiteers and opponents, Guardian reports. The purpose of the meeting was to find out how the country could make Brexit work better for its European neighbours.

– A source told the newspaper that the main topic is that Britain is failing, Brexit has not produced results and our economy is in a weak position.

In Great Britain several shows Polls An increasingly large percentage today believe it was the wrong decision to leave the European Union. The economic situation in the country with high inflation, widespread strikes and low growth is often described as more difficult than in most countries of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the International Monetary Fund, Track that uk This year has the lowest growth rate for major economies in the world, including Russia.

The independent British Budget Institute OBR has counted with That the country will lose four percent of its gross domestic product until 2030 due to Britain’s exit from the European Union.