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Britain recognizes animals as sentient beings

Britain recognizes animals as sentient beings

The country’s government also wants to enact laws banning most exports of live animals as well as the import of hunting trophies, such as ivory and shark fin.

Foie gras (foie gras), where ducks or geese are raised to excess fat before they are butchered, may also be banned.

Some measures, such as mini-chip cats and banning humans from owning primates as pets, have been in the works for several years. Others – such as restricting the export of live animals – have been campaigning for animal rights activists for decades.

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We are a nation of animal lovers and we were the first country in the world to implement animal welfare laws. Our Animal Welfare Plan will fulfill our promise to ban the export of live animals for slaughter and fattening, ban primates as pets, and enact a new law to stop puppies being smuggled. As an independent nation, we now have an opportunity to move forward to build on our past great efforts. says the country’s environment minister George Eustice.

Caged birds are still approved

Some of the things animal rights organizations had demanded, such as banning birds in cages and pigs in cramped enclosures, did not happen. However, these issues need to be investigated further and carrots should be offered to farmers in order to improve the animals’ conditions in the long term.

James West, a spokesperson for the lobby organization Compassion in World Farmning, is particularly pleased with the export ban that has been introduced.

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We’ve campaigned for this for decades. It is time for this sinister and unnecessary trade to finally come to an end, he told The Guardian.

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