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Brewdog invests heavily in sustainability

Brewdog invests heavily in sustainability

Environmental action and reducing climate impact are prioritized by Brewdog. Among other things, all their operations in Great Britain are now powered with the help of wind energy.

The environmental work is done in a number of different ways, but the biggest news is that they will be powering all their UK facilities solely on wind energy in the future. At the main brewery in Ellon, Scotland, a link to a large wind farm nearby is currently being built, which should be able to produce all the electricity needed to produce beer.

The 50 pubs in the British Isles will also be powered by wind energy. The goal is to eventually make the same changes at all of its breweries, including the USA and Australia.

They are also working on converting biogas into biogas, which is also good for the environment.

Brewdog is also developing electric conveyors, and wants to influence its logistics partners to take the same step. Five of Brewdog's electric vans will soon be serving beer in London.

– This is just the beginning and our goal is to become the most sustainable beverage company in the world. It's time to be radical in everything we do, says James Watt, one of the founders.

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