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Brain training using a mobile phone – a list of the best applications

Brain training using a mobile phone – a list of the best applications

How hard is it to stop slow browsing and reduce screen time. But why stop? Idlesurf is smarter instead! Out of millions of apps, Allas has selected the ones that are entertaining and train your brain.

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Turn on the sound

Google Earth

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery. Zoom in to your home or other location and dive down for a 360 degree view with Street View.

Application game that combines testing and adventure! Different cities present different issues to deal with. For example, what do you know about Paris?

word dealers
A game app for those who like to discover things and think of words. You can also play with others.

Learn to play guitar and piano on your mobile phone

round tips
Create and participate in outdoor tipping walks. This app helps you create fun moments with family and friends!

Simply Piano – Learn to play the piano quickly
Just five minutes a day is all it takes to learn to play the piano. At least that’s what the creators of this app promise. And juste, a piano is also needed which is unfortunately not included. For those who want to learn guitar there Yousician: Learn the guitar.

Redecor – home design game
Unleash your creativity with this fun app that lets you declutter your home decor. Choose sofas, curtains and the color of the walls.

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Swedish Academy Dictionary

Who wouldn’t want to excel with a rich vocabulary!

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Word game – difficult Swedish words
The app contains more than 2,000 difficult Swedish words. All words have explanation and synonyms and you can get the word in a sentence. Awaken the word geek in you!


There are many apps for learning languages, but some are better than others. Just Babbel often ends up in the top lists.

University exam – HPKampen
The application is not just an application for those who are going to write the university exam. With over 2,000 questions across all subjects, it’s also a fun app for those who want to hone their skills.

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PictureThis – Plant ID
Take a picture of a plant and this app will instantly find its name. In addition, he or she can learn how the plant works and if there is anything you can do to help it.

Pernilla Wahlgren and Carola in Allsång on the fences

What flower did Carola throw in the Song of Solomon? With the Plant Identifier app, you might even have time to stop and take a picture of it!

Photo: Ali Lorestani/TT

happy color
Mobile coloring book – for adults. Relax for a while by coloring different patterns and well-known motifs.

View over 16,000 images from space and follow live NASA action. This is a definite app for those of you who want to get out in space.

Satellite image of the Earth

Do you dream about space? NASA has created its own app that gives you a unique view.

Image: TT/NASA Earth

Random walk
Let this app guide you where you need to go instead of casually following the same usual path. So lace up your shoes, start following the arrows in the app, and start discovering new places and beautiful environments!

The encyclopedia also has an application. With over two and a half million Swedish articles in your mobile phone about everything from Vasa to Västerbottenost, you can stop surfing for as long as you like.

Lumosity is an app built using neuroscience research. It trains your memory, concentration, problem solving and more.

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