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Boris Johnson is thinking about maintaining the military

Boris Johnson is thinking about maintaining the military

Over the weekend, there have been warnings of regular fights from petrol stations across the country. After the crisis people are struggling to fill their cars with petrol. There are long queues around gas stations.

The lack of a truck driver in the country in the background – which has been exacerbated by both epidemics and new immigration laws since Brexit.

Fearing running out of fuel, the British began to panic.

– Edmund King, president of the British Equivalent Automobile Association, a parallel to Sweden, says people go out and refill when they don’t really need it.

Wants to stop the army

Over the weekend, the British government showed the green flag to enter the country to refuel 5,000 foreign drivers.

Now Boris Johnson wants to go one step further. The prime minister wants to send troops to make it easier to carry fuel.

But so far, it seems like a wish. According to the Daily Mail, Transport Minister Grant Shops says this will not happen. According to the minister, the government will do what is necessary to resolve the situation.

But the situation is difficult.

The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents 5,500 gas stations, said two of the three gas stations ran out of fuel on Sunday night. According to Chairman Brian Maderson, it will take a week to fill all the stocks.

He also warns that the crisis could worsen if the country’s vehicle owners continue to panic.

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