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Boris Johnson is strong in the British elections

Boris Johnson is strong in the British elections

Three conclusions can be drawn from last week’s “Big Thursday” in the UK, with local and regional elections in England, Wales and Scotland.

First, the dream of independence is still alive in Scotland. The SNP made a strong choice and could rightly demand a new referendum on independence.

The question is just when.

The last time it was gone, 2014, Been voted 55 percent no. Since then, as is well known, the United Kingdom has left the European Union, which means that the pro-European Scots will thus face new alternatives in an upcoming referendum: between possible membership in the European Union as an independent country and continued affiliation with the European Union. The kingdom is outside the European Union.

If the current trend continues, then the economy is talking about the United Kingdom compared to the European Union.

Climate policy developments also indicate that independent Scotland will not benefit much from its oil from the North Sea, which should also act as a deterrent.

Second, it continues Teflon Boris for delivery. Despite enormous literature released in recent weeks about the renovation of the residence of the Prime Minister’s doubles and how it was funded, the Conservatives were very successful in local elections in England.

Thus it appears that voters are focusing on the policy being pursued, which is a sign of health.

The third conclusion It applies to the Labor Party, as the crisis deepens. Conditions have not been improved directly through the government’s successful vaccine launch and conquest process, but the truth is that the party has a long-standing problem, similar to its counterparts in Germany and France.

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Labor loses progressive voters to green and liberal parties. But above all, they are losing their voters to the Conservative Party, which is beginning to emerge as the new working-class party.

Boris Johnson has attracted many former Labor voters in rural areas with the help of left-wing economic policies and the hard line against criminals and immigration – the voters who voted for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party in the 2019 European Union elections.

It is against that background The big Conservative scalp should also be seen on Thursday: the victory in the by-elections in Hartlepool, a traditionally “safe” social democratic land.

Evolution reminds us On how the Republicans took over the opposite constituency in the United States.

And on how the Swedish Democrats are gaining ground among LO voters in Sweden.