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Bleacher: Why does the chicken not fly?

Bleacher: Why does the chicken not fly?

I The latest monthly report for Carnegie Spinn-Off Blecher writes that the arguments regarding chicken are well known:

“It’s beneficial, simple, cheap, and much better than beef, lamb and pork for the environment. In fact, it’s on par with farmed fish when it comes to climate footprint.”

But compared to the Norwegian salmon companies, the Scandi Standard is clearly lower in rating. This is despite high growth and profitability in Sweden and Norway, at the same time that Finland is finally starting to turn a profit. What is the problem then?

“Denmark. There, the margin is lousy, less than a third of Sweden, and there is usually that exports are affected by bird flu,” writes Blecher, who also points to the fact that the company consistently comes with one-time costs and that the cost base is generally very high.

But there is a recipe that can enhance the taste of Scandi Standard.

“It is incredibly gratifying that Yohan Baigi, formerly Electrolux and investor and a well-known cost-hater, takes over the chairmanship of the board. Bygge has also bought a lot of options and our belief and also the hope is that he started Spin off Denmark; then the company will actually fly,” he writes Bleacher.

He also notes that the rating is low and that if the Danish sourdough is separated, the future could be really bright for the Scandi Standard.

“Bird flu and a generally tiring price development has caused most people to sell a share, but we must not forget that Scandi Standard is trading 11 to 12 times more earnings and growing more than most listed companies are trading at nearly 20 times the dividend. If they manage to sell. Denmark and the price rise, it could start a new business trip, ”Simon Blecher wrote.

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