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Blågults Concerns – PL stars may stay home: ‘Yes, it could be’

Soon it’s time for the first national team meeting of the year for the Blågult men. On March 16, Jan Andersson will present her squad for the World Cup qualifier matches against Georgia and Kosovo as well as a training match against Estonia.

Given the current global situation and constantly updated rules and recommendations in different countries and regions, it is unclear if Janne Andersson can bring exactly all the players you want. Last fall, Werder Bremen banned Ludwig Augustinsson from playing against Russia due to the fact that the full-back had to undergo a five-day quarantine after returning home.

In England, where there has been a lockdown since January, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp recently announced that he may not release players selected for the upcoming national team rally. The reason is that many trips abroad require quarantine time upon your return. Time, which in turn means the absence of league and cup matches. In the case of Liverpool, it was primarily about Alisson Becker, Fabinho, Roberto Firmino and Diego Jota as Brazil and Portugal were included in the red list by Great Britain.

We cannot allow players to go and play for their national teams and then put them in hotel quarantine for ten days. It’s not working, Klopp said, according to the Daily Mirror.

The newspaper also wrote that it has given several Premier League clubs “real problems” for the upcoming group, and there is a possibility that more clubs will do like Klopp.

However, it should be noted that Sweden is not currently on the UK’s red list, but according to the British government’s website, quarantine is mandatory when traveling to the UK. However, it should be added that there are different forms of exceptions.

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It is simply difficult.

In England, as is known, such national team players as Victor Nelson Lindelof (Manchester United) and Robin Olsen (Everton). Emile Crafth and Ken Sima are also based in England.

Stefan Peterson, the national team manager for the men’s national team, admits there is a risk that Premier League stars will not be able to make it to the World Cup qualifiers.

– Yes, it can be like this, depending on the situation when they communicate. We are updated and we follow this all the time, but as you know, it can change from day to day but we are very aware of the regulations that apply from FIFA whether it is “mandatory” to release players or not, he tells Fotbollskanalen.

What about there?
– It depends on the situation for the player who returns to his homeland, and what are the national rules in that region. In Germany, for example, it may vary in different regions. We had this situation last fall with “Ludde” among others. It is very unfortunate and it is difficult to plan anything. It’s awkward.

Stefan Pettersson explains that they have contacted all relevant clubs to investigate the situation prior to selection. No response has been received, for example, from Manchester United or Everton.

– No, not directly yet, but of course we will find out and find out as much as we can. We have contacts with all the clubs, ask questions and get answers. We did it last fall and it worked well.

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– For us, it is very difficult to know which rules all countries and regions have and can be changed until the time comes. The clubs are very keen that it will be right. There he helped us. Clubs, unions, players – because it’s tough.

How well does it take into account the presence of competitive matches in this group, in terms of the requirements that you can set for clubs?
There isn’t really a difference on a regular basis, but if a club has the right to ban a player from an international match, it’s obviously more likely to be in “talking terms” about the player if the World Cup is an important qualifier. Or if it was just training matches. It is my own faith.