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Tom Cruise fasadklättrar i ”Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol”.

Countries allow foreign film production again – Kulturnytt at P1

Mission Impossible 7 and 8 stopped recording in the UK in February due to the coronavirus outbreak, but will resume work in September. Writes today’s news. According to a British government press release, it will now be able to record select TV series and movies in the country – without forcing filmmakers to quarantine first. However, they are only allowed to move between their home and the shooting location.

The main characters of the movie series However, Tom Cruise has not had the same luck when it comes to Norway. He has requested a meeting with Prime Minister Erna Solberg to discuss the possibilities of allowing, despite restrictions imposed by Norway, to record some scenes of Mission Impossible 7 in Western Norway. But there will be no meeting with the Prime Minister, but she is inclined to a conversation with the country’s Minister of Culture Abid Raja. He tells several Norwegian media.

Another movie that will now have a sequel is 3D Hit Avatar. New Zealand has chosen to ease its restrictions and allow certain production companies to enter the country for filming. He writes for the New Zealand Stuff website.

Even the TV series The Tale of the Ring, which took place before the Tolkien trilogy, can now begin filming in the country. But in New Zealand, unlike the UK, all arrivals must be quarantined for two weeks.

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