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Billions were spent on unusable medical equipment معدات

Billions were spent on unusable medical equipment معدات

In two new reports, the multi-party Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government for “unacceptably high” levels of waste that will pass on to British taxpayers “for decades”. PAC also mentions credit losses of £26 billion for support loans to businesses that will be unable to repay or disappear through fraud.

So far, the UK has spent £372 billion on the pandemic. The opposition Labor party says the numbers point to a failure of the government and wants to see an immediate investigation into the management of the pandemic.

“Given the very large sums of money that has been spent on Covid-19 so far, the government must now be clear about how to deal with this in the future, and for how long,” said Meg Heller, Labor MP and chair of the anti-corruption committee.

Boris Johnson has promised an independent government investigation into the government’s handling of the pandemic, which is expected to begin in the spring of 2022.

The government says that only 0.84 percent of all protective equipment has been found to be unusable in healthcare, and that it should be used elsewhere.

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