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Former White House doctor: Biden will have to resign

Former White House doctor: Biden will have to resign

Joe Biden’s mental health has been in question for some time. Critics, mostly Republicans, think he is too old and confusing to run the country.

For example, he mumbled and lost himself when he had to answer questions and had to use memory cards to remember simple facts. At a voter meeting earlier this week, he made several inconsistent statements.

“There is something wrong with the man.”

One of the people who joined the chorus is Republican Congressman Ronnie Jackson, who was a physician to both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

– what is happening now? Those Who Demanded Trump Take a Cognitive Test, What Are They Doing? “There is something serious with the man,” he told Fox News.

“I will resign”

Ronnie Jackson has criticized Biden before. He thinks the president should take a cognitive test, and he thinks it’s possible that the 46th president will have to resign.

– Either he will resign, or someone will use the 25th Annex against him, he continues on Fox News

According to the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, the president can be impeached if the vice president and a majority of his ministers consider that he is not in a position to rule the country.

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