Billionaire Candy Dream Garden Gets Crushed By Neighbours

Billionaire property mogul Candy has been left devastated as his neighbours proved that that his “garden” extension wasn’t in the 19th Century architect’s original plans.  As reported here on DMZ, Candy had his heart set upon expanding his Regent Park mansion as him and his wife were looking to expand.  The diligent locals employed academics to prove to the local council that Candy’s plans were actually a “misrepresentation of history” – whereas Candy’s development team has been left furious by the decision that “defied logic” and will look to appeal.

Candy had developed a proposal said to mirror a design based upon famous architect John Nash by removing an entire road lane.  This had provoked anger and fury by his wealthy neighbours who called in “offensive” and a “misrepresentation of history”.  The neighbours actually found images from 1828 showing no presence of the garden, thus forcing the Camden council to reconsider.

This represents a huge knock to the billionaire housing mogul since he had brought the £100 million property in 2015 with the hope of expanding it to create a mega 15 bedroom mansion for his wife and children.

However, Sir Colin Blakemore – known as “one of the most powerful scientists in the UK” and a Professor at the University of Oxford dashed his plans, claiming Candy to have twisted Nash’s original vision, as he wrote – the plans were “Two detailed early illustrations of Cambridge Terrace and Chester Gate clearly confirm that there was no historic garden.

A staggering 37 objection letters were sent by enraged residents as they had been eager to quosh Candy’s claims as they had been further concerned about their neighbourhood thanks to High Speed Two and Cycle Super Highway 11.  A committed member stated, “CS11 will create a huge amount of traffic through Chester Gate as will HS2. HS2 will go on for 16 years and will result in absolute gridlock and chaos in Chester Gate.”

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