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Bikini ban on Italian paradise island |  the world

Bikini ban on Italian paradise island | the world

Here you can wear a bikini.

Photo: Valerio Ranati/Shutterstock

But not here.

Photo: Fabio Lotti/Shutterstock

Located just a few clicks west of Sicily, Favignana is an outstanding tourist resort during the summer months.

But Mayor Francesco Forgione is now fed up with scantily clad tourists on the city streets. Until September 30, bikinis are prohibited everywhere except the beach.

– We are determined to ensure that Favignana continues to be a welcoming and worthwhile destination for all tourists and residents, Forgione told Italian Sky.

Fines of up to 5,000 SEK

If you break the law, you are subject to a fine between 250 SEK and 5,000 SEK. According to Sky, security guards and police officers have been assigned to impose fines on female tourists who wear immodest clothing.

– What we ask for is a minimum of respect, says Mayor Forgione.

Favignana is not the only Italian resort to ban beachwear in its cities. In both Legnano and Rome, it is illegal to walk in the city center without “outer clothing”.

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