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Big Witcher 3 update has been postponed indefinitely

Big Witcher 3 update has been postponed indefinitely

Many are waiting for the big update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that will bring improved graphics and performance on Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5 and PC. According to CD Projekt Red, the update was scheduled to be released sometime during the second quarter, but the update has now been postponed indefinitely.

The new version of the game was developed by Saber Interactive, who also worked with the Switch version. More specifically, the Russian Saber division was responsible for the upcoming update. In a statement on Twitter, CD Projekt Red stated that continued work with the update will take place at the Polish gaming giant instead.

We have decided that our in-house development team will carry out the remaining work on the next generation release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We are currently evaluating the scope of work to be done and therefore have to postpone the second quarter release until further notice. We will update you as soon as possible. thanks for understanding. – CD Projekt Red

The so-called “Next generationThe patch for The Witcher 3 is expected to bring a real improvement in the gaming experience, especially on the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Among other things, the new version will be able to play in 4K with ray tracing And also with shorter shipping times. The PC version can also benefit from graphical improvements.

No new release date or broad timeframe has been given, but the developers have promised to keep Witcher fans updated. When the updated version is released, players who already own The Witcher 3 will be able to get the new version at no additional cost.

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