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Biden’s immigration policy is a gamble before the midterm elections

Biden’s immigration policy is a gamble before the midterm elections

It was a sly gift when Joe Biden put the border crisis to the lap of Vice President Kamala Harris. Not much has happened since then. Democrats indicated early on that the party wanted to make immigration a major issue in future election campaigns.

The key words were: a more humane immigration policy and the possibility of citizenship for the more than 11 million unregistered citizens of the country. The result was a wave of immigrants the United States had never seen before. In April, more than 230,000 people trying to enter the United States were arrested along the US border. A, in this context, a new record.

Critical party comrades

Eagle Pass in Texas is one of many typical frontier towns. Here is a grim small town center with dusty streets, Stetson hats, and constant anxiety among the 30,000 residents. Democratic Mayor Yolanda Ramon is tired of his boss and demands action. She says that safety in the city can no longer be guaranteed. Her fellow Democrat in the neighboring city of Del Rio is of the same opinion: Biden is betraying his party comrades along the border.

Double support for Biden

The border issue is one of the hottest issues for voters ahead of this fall’s midterm elections. A Gallup poll showed that four out of ten Americans consider illegal immigration a major problem. In addition to halting the construction of the wall, President Biden has not changed immigration policy in any decisive way.

But the signals from Biden led to the development of the border with Mexico to a largely illegal territory. At the same time, support for Joe Biden has never been weaker. Just a little more 40 percent of voters He thinks Biden is doing a good job as president.

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Implementing groundbreaking changes to the laws governing immigration is risky.


But it could get much worse for Mayor Ramon and President Biden. Much worse. The temporary health law introduced by President Trump during the pandemic, which allows immigrants to be returned to Mexico without investigation, has already expired.

President Biden ostensibly said the law should end, but to do so at a point where the pressure on the border is so dramatic is a gamble. An annulment is currently being prohibited by a judge in Louisiana. The judge points to the steep costs to states and the continuing health risks if hundreds of thousands of migrants immediately attempt to cross the border.

Even if the White House did not comment on the ruling specifically, it would certainly have been relieved. Had the law been lifted now, chaos would have broken out, further harming Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. Now the health law may be applied after the elections.

critical states

Before it gets too hot in Eagle Pass and other border towns, more and more desperate migrants will try to cross the Rio Grande.

The demands of Democrats along the river are that President Biden personally visit their reality. Joe Biden can be forced to do something as more and more countries, even deep in the country, are feeling the effects of the immigrant crisis. Countries that have a decisive role in the upcoming elections.