Berkeley Homes Heiress Under Police Guard After Being Brutally Beaten At Home

The granddaughter of multi-millionaire property developer Tony Pidgley, the founder of Berkeley Homes, is under police guard after being brutally beaten with an oil radiator at her Kensington flat.

According to reports, Chloe Pidgley was bashed over the head with the object and punched and kicked in the face after a man broke into her home in west London.

As she tried to flee, the 25-year-old’s fingers were broken by a slammed door.

Chloe’s mother, who listened to her terrified daughter’s screams down the phone, says the man later threatened to carry out an acid attack.

“Her attacker told her he was going to get some acid and come back to disfigure her,” mum Denize Hewitt, 53, told The Sun.

Police confirmed to Mirror Online that officers were called to a home in Warwick Road following reports of an assault.

They said the victim, hearing a smash, went to her bedroom and discovered a 29-year-old man had broken into the property.

Chloe was left covered in blood after she was allegedly struck over the head with the oil radiator and beaten by the suspect, who she knew.

As the attack unfolded, she managed to call her mum for help.

Denize said the man later texted apologies to Chloe, who was taken to a central London hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police officers are now searching for the male who they say fled the scene.

Tony Pidgley is thought to be worth a huge £310 million as a result of founding Berkeley Homes. Both Chloe and her model sister, Chantelle, 26, are said to have already received a “coming of age” sum of £1 million each.

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