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Baby happiness in the zoo - did you see something cute?

Baby happiness in the zoo – did you see something cute?

There was a lot of silence around the red panda cubs at Copenhagen Zoo. They were born on July 7, but waited for the outside world to be told about the new arrivals, because the first time after birth is very important.

Last year, a female panda at the zoo gave birth to two cubs.

– She gave birth to her first litter last year. But she was so terrified and so amazing that she kicked them out of the den, and they have to be there for two or three months before they go out on their own. So they unfortunately died, says Karsten Grundahl.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for first-time mothers to do this, but the baby panda family has now passed its first critical period.

– This year she has been very nice with the kids, and they seem to be having fun together.

Soft and furry. Here are the new additions to the Copenhagen Zoo. Two red panda cubs.

picture: Copenhagen Zoo

In just a couple of months she is old enough to venture out of her burrow.

picture: Copenhagen Zoo

red panda small animal

The red panda is a small animal, its height at the withers is only 25 cm and the animal weighs between 3 and 5 kilograms. A newborn red panda weighs only 100 grams. The red panda is classified as an endangered species.

– We’re really high. It is very rare for a red panda to be born in captivity. It’s not entirely certain they’ll make it, says Karsten Grundahl, but the chances are good.

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Despite the name, the red panda does not belong to the same family as the panda. The red panda is closely related to the raccoon.

Giant pandas usually get the most attention at Copenhagen Zoo.

Three years ago, the panda, the female Mao Sun and the male Xing Er, arrived in Denmark, on loan in exchange for payments from China to Queen Margaret. The project has been something they have been working on since 2010 and this move has been sponsored by several large companies. At the Copenhagen Zoo, a completely new barn has been built for black and white celebrities.

The “ordinary” panda in the zoo usually gets the most attention.


The red panda is much smaller and closely related to the raccoon

picture: Frank Ronsholt

Not big enough to show off – yet

Earlier this year, it was hoped that the panda population would increase as well, but Mao Sun and Xing’er didn’t quite get it when they had the chance.

– They simply don’t know how to do it and only have to train once a year, Mats Bertelsen of the zoo told TV2 at the time.

Pandas have a slight difficulty syncing.

When he makes himself, he is occupied with other things and vice versa, says Mats Bertelsen.

For now, you have to make do with the cubs of the little red panda. It takes two months before they are displayed, but there is no shortage of newcomers to the zoo to look at during the summer.

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– We had quite a few cubs during the early summer. For example, we have two 2-month-old babies. Then we have additions between zebras and lemurs. Today I went to see baby meerkats, they are also really cute, says Karsten Grundahl.

– Then our cubs are six months old, so they are half their size but still very playful.

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