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Astra Geneca CEO on the future of him and Leaf Johansson: There is a plan

Astra Geneca CEO on the future of him and Leaf Johansson: There is a plan

Pascal Soriot, CEO of Astra Geneca, did not think it was the company’s fault that vaccines were slower in the EU than in the UK and US. This appears from an interview with the Financial Times. In the same interview, he says the board plans for his and Leaf Johansson’s future departures.

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As is well known, it faced patrols everywhere. This week, for example, came the news that Austria had decided to completely eliminate the vaccine. But in an interview Financial Times According to the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, the vaccine has a future, even though the company has delivered lower doses than planned.

“I’m European, so I love Europe, don’t get me wrong. But in the end, Europe is a part of the world, not the whole world. There are many countries around the world that really want this vaccine, so there is a future for the vaccine,” he told the newspaper.

According to the Financial Times, he also talks about the slower vaccination rate in Europe compared to the US and UK, and says it should do more with the aggression of investors as Astra Geneca’s vaccine is not used in the US. The people there still maintained the momentum.

Pascal gets psoriasis The question of what his own future will be in the company, but he will only answer that he will retire at the “appropriate” time. Chairman Leif Johansson and CFO Mark Dunair: He makes it clear that the Board is working on plans for the resignations of him and two others.

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“We each have an agreed arrangement when we retire,” Pascal told the Sorority Financial Times.