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Aston Martin F1 team accused of racism: 'They called me a brownie'

Aston Martin F1 team accused of racism: ‘They called me a brownie’

Aidan Louw arrived in the stable in February of this year, where he worked on building parts for cars driven by F1 star Sebastian Vettel, among others. As for Sky News, the 25-year-old Louw said he was exposed to racist nicknames almost immediately when he joined the team.

– They told me, “If you have a problem with the way we talk here, that’s just the way we talk,” he says.

– I went from ‘small cake’ to ‘dark’, no one called me ‘Eddy’ or anything like that. I was called the n-word or “brownie”, which is what they called me. When they started saying the n word, that’s when I drew my line, Sky News tells.

Low has dual citizenship, both in South Africa and Britain, and, according to Sky News, has also received an apartheid-era insult that was said to be highly abusive. In addition, Lu was also said to have been beaten up after being told that he had a teenage boyfriend.

“As soon as they got this information, they tried to hit me, smash me as a man, as an individual and as a human being,” says Lu.

Aidan Louw no longer works in his Aston Martin stable. According to the F1 team, the 25-year-old has been fired for “poor performance”, according to Sky News.

In a statement to Sky News, Aston Martin Racing wrote: “AMR and its supplier have a zero-tolerance policy against racism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination.”

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