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Adam Jamili straight with the British press after fiasco

Eugene. Four-time Olympic gold medalist Adam Jamili has disappeared in the 200-meter trials.

Then, he exploded in the mixed zone, accusing sections of the British press of bullying him regarding his coach Rana Ryder after his World Cup accreditation was withdrawn following an investigation into sexual harassment.

– It was so terrible, he says in a long and noisy quarrel in the mixed zone.

Rana Ryder trains some of the world’s best sprinters at his training group in Florida. They include Marvin Brassey and Travon Bromell, who won 100m medals here in Eugene, as well as Britain’s Adam Gemelli, who finished fourth at the Rio Olympics and won gold at the World Cup at home in London. .

However, Reider was not allowed to continue the competitions. His World Cup accreditation was withdrawn after US Safe Sport launched an investigation into sexual harassment at his training group.

Despite this, he was discovered outside the gates of the warm-up circuit before the 100m races and had to be escorted by the police.

“Nothing is my fault”

Reider’s media coverage has been going on for a long time United kingdom It led, among other things, to the Britons who remained and trained with Ryder during the investigation losing all their financial support.

But Adam Gemelli and Daryl Neta chose to stay, unlike, among others, three-step star Christian Taylor, who left his coach. Gemili in particular has been the subject of a number of headlines in the British press. Something led to a big fight in the mixed area after the 200m trials. Al-Jumaili launched a violent attack on a reporter from The Times who revealed many news related to Rana Rider.

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All I want is to focus on running but you made it so horrible. None of this is my fault, not yours either, but you attacked me and frightened me, he says and continues:

– Physically I’m better than ever, but mentally it was awful.

Adam Jamili.
Adam Jamili.


When asked how he sees the option to stay in the group, he replied:

– I was already in the United States when the decision was made and I do not intend to assume that the coach I trained with for several years was guilty before the investigation was completed. I’ve spoken to Safe Sport and they say there’s no problem with me staying, says Gemili.

Then another long exchange of words occurred.

There are so many stars in this group and yet my name is in the headlines all the time. Of course it’s embarrassing to see headlines like Adam Jamili’s coach in police custody.

Sportbladet asked the designated journalist for comment, but he declined.

Later in the evening, Adam Jamili apologized on Twitter.

– I apologize for my efforts there. No excuse except that I wasn’t good enough. It is entirely up to me. I should not make the comments I made to the press when I was interviewed. I understand that they have work to do and that there was a lot to deal with and I hope you can understand that, he writes.