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Arkane will try to remove the Redfall requirement online

Arkane will try to remove the Redfall requirement online

And promises that the game has no store and no microtransactions.

Redfall He ended up in the shadows starfield Among this year’s game releases, people’s attitude towards the game didn’t improve when developer Arkane revealed in February that it required an internet connection, even when playing single-player. The whole thing naturally received a lot of criticism, which thankfully didn’t seem to fall on deaf ears.

In an interview with Eurogamer Game director Harvey Smith says he believes the criticism is legitimate, as there are places with unstable internet and people have to compete with other family members for bandwidth. Therefore, now they are beginning to consider the possibility of changing the requirement, although they are in a late stage of development, but he cannot promise that they will actually succeed.

According to Smith, the reason for the online requirements is that it makes it easier for Arkane to see how people are actually playing the game and where they are having problems. For example, he states that if players are constantly falling off stairs and dying, they can see this and start fixing how the stairs work.

Redfall It was released on May 2 for PC and Xbox Series X/S, and is included with Game Pass. Frederick recently tested the game and shared his impressions in a preview.

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