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Apple's VR/AR headset is said to be able to scan a user's iris.  To select and pay.

Apple’s VR/AR headset is said to be able to scan a user’s iris. To select and pay.

The information has been in contact with sources who have stated that the AR/VR headset that is rumored will have the ability to scan the iris of the eye, also known as the iris of the eye.

By scanning the iris, Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset can ensure who’s using the headset, something that could be used, for example, to check payments via the headset. The new Meta Quest Pro headset also uses inward-facing cameras to capture eye movements and facial expressions, but those, at least not yet, don’t appear to be powerful enough to scan the iris.

Furthermore, the information indicates that Apple’s VR/AR headset will be equipped with downward facing cameras which should be able to record the user’s leg movements. This is also something that Meta Quest Pro can do.

When we might see Apple’s VR/AR headset is unclear. In the past, there’s been talk that Apple plans to showcase one of these sometime in 2023 and that the first release could cost up to $3,000. It remains to be seen if there is any substance to this rumor.

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