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Apple Ipad Air with 5G and new Iphone SE could be launched in Spring 2022

Apple Ipad Air with 5G and new Iphone SE could be launched in Spring 2022

When Apple 2021 updated the iPad range, the iPad Pro debuted in the spring and was followed in the fall by the iPad Mini, the “regular” iPad, and the iPad Air. The thing that made many raise an eyebrow is that the latter, unlike the iPad Mini, was without support for 5G. Now the iPad Air may be on its way to getting 5G and that’s already in the spring.

Behind the Japanese blog information Mac Otakara (via Macrumors), who on several previous occasions provided accurate information about upcoming Apple products. Referring to the sources used in China, it is reported that spring is introducing a new Ipad Air (5th generation) and Iphone SE (3rd generation), both of which keep the same design as the current models.

For the next Ipad Air, no external changes are expected to change the world, but like the Iphone SE, the design will be the same or at most very similar to its predecessor. At the back is again a single viewfinder accompanied by Quad-LED True Tone, Apple’s name for the flash that adjusts brightness and color temperature. Inside is Apple’s system circuit, the A15 Bionic, from the latest Iphone 13 and with it also comes the much-anticipated 5G support model.

Apple’s iPhone SE is the company’s most wallet-friendly alternative, something that is largely made possible by those based on older models. Like today’s iPhone SE, the new device is believed to have the same chassis as the iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch screen and a bulging bezel by today’s standards. In terms of specifications, the phone is expected to resemble the iPad Mini (6th generation), which houses the A13 Bionic system circuit and 5G support.

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Exactly when Apple will hold its next event is not yet known, but with the date in mind, it does not matter if it is in the spring.