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Analysis: "Europe is now selecting refugees - not everyone is welcome"

Analysis: “Europe is now selecting refugees – not everyone is welcome”

2015 is often described as a refugee crisis. But most importantly, it is an EU crisis. The unity among the EU countries is not strong enough to agree on how to distribute responsibility to those who come here.

New initiatives

Neither Bush-backs nor accusations that Afghanistan has left Western relations in the ring have anything to praise the leaders of the G7 summit this week. Therefore, new efforts are being made to maintain the humanitarian flag and at the same time to avoid the influx of refugees into Europe’s high patrol borders.

Now it is not a question of numbers, but the type of refugees to be accommodated. Germany and France, where elections are coming soon, welcomes activists and journalists. Spain and Italy thanked EU Foreign Minister Joseph Borel after announcing his acceptance of Afghanistan working in EU institutions. Britain wants to help women, women and people of religious minorities.

Open your wallet

At the same time, verbal dissent has moved beyond the borders of Europe with calls for others to do more. Ursula van der Leyen has announced that she intends to put pressure on Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom when discussing Afghanistan this week. The megaphone also targeted Afghanistan’s neighbors and transport countries; Europe should not be burdened this time.

You are definitely ready to open your wallet to make sure they are listening. Helping refugees in the immediate area is now a sign of responsibility rather than fringe words.

Raises two questions

The situation raises two questions. What would it cost to keep refugees away? More than two million Afghans have already fled to neighboring countries and more than three million have fled their homes since the Taliban came to power. The second question is what are the chances of reaching agreements with countries outside Europe.

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At this time one can maintain the image that the EU stands united against the potential recipient countries of the world.