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Alison Felix had to appear one last time - it could be a new medal

Alison Felix had to appear one last time – it could be a new medal

– I wasn’t expecting this. I was already home when I got a call and had to turn back, so here I am. I hopped on a plane and came back, says Felix, who lives in Los Angeles, to SVT Sport.

Earlier in the tournament, the legend earned his 30th Olympic or WC medal when it was bronze in the mixed relay. If the United States wins a new medal Monday morning Sweden time, it will be credited because it was part of the attempt.

Could there be a final, too?

– I only heard of trying, but of course I will stay, says Felix.

Holland washed up after Paul’s super stretch

Felix ran in the second leg and kept the team ahead before the team could win ahead of Great Britain. Felix scored 50.61 quick start. In addition to Felix, Tahita Diggs, Kaelen Whitney and Jade Stepter ran on the team.

Away from a tight duo, Fimke Paul led the Netherlands from seventh to third and a straight spot in the final – but the team suffered a defeat after dropping the baton in an earlier game. Paul had a score of 49.38 on his stretch.

In the second leg, Kathleen Peters lost the baton and was overtaken by France’s Soncamba Sylla, who was blocked. With the loss of the Netherlands, France, who finished fourth in the end, had to take the last place.

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