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Airline ads halted – classified as greenwashing

Airline ads halted – classified as greenwashing

Companies like to sprinkle sustainability messages into their marketing, but now the UK is stopping some of its biggest emitters from advertising. Many airlines have been forced to remove advertisements containing false climate and environmental claims.

Advertisements for airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa have been banned in the UK after being classified as greenwashing, according to reports. BBC. Where in Sweden? If you are Report the incident first.

Air France said it was “committed to protecting the environment” and Lufthansa urged passengers to “fly more sustainably”. Even Etihad Airways has stopped advertising. They used the term “environmental advocacy”. Lufthansa and Eidat also removed their ads.

The ban was justified by the fact that the ads did not show the airlines’ impact on the climate and environment. Two years ago the rules for sustainability advertising were tightened in the UK. Later published by the ASA (UK’s Advertising Standards Authority). New guidelines To ensure that consumers are not misled by climate claims.

In Sweden, for example, there are regulations regarding sustainability messages in advertisements. After all, this is the law of marketing that governs how you can express yourself.There is also Illegal guidelines Companies should follow suit.

Swedish courts have found in several cases that environmental marketing has significant commercial value. At the same time, consumers find it difficult to verify the veracity of messages. This means the requirements for clarity are even higher and the advertiser can prove the claim is true.

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