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Alex Patty is back in England

Alex Patty is back in England

17-year-old Alex Patty disappeared without a trace from a holiday trip to Spain in 2017. He was walking In the rain on a street in Toulouse, France.
Now, after six years, she has reunited with a family member and is back in England, according to reports
– Matt Boyle, of the police in Manchester, says the moment is undoubtedly huge for him and his loved ones.

The Briton, now 17, has now returned to Great Britain and is said to have already been reunited with a family member at the airport in Toulouse. Sky News.

– The moment is undoubtedly big for him and his loved ones, and we are happy that they can see each other again after such a long time, says Matt Boyle of the police to the channel.

His custodial grandmother, Susan Caruana, told the channel on Friday that she was looking forward to meeting him.

– Words cannot describe my joy that Alex was found safely.

Disappeared without a trace

When Briton Alex Patty was eleven years old, he disappeared without a trace during a holiday trip to Spain with his non-custodial mother and grandfather. He is reported to have disappeared after that.

A young motorist spotted the Regent walking down a street in Toulouse, France, six years later.

Mother’s whereabouts are unknown

Alex Patty’s mother is wanted in connection with his disappearance. Her whereabouts are currently unknown but on Friday a French lawyer announced that Alex Patti’s mother may have gone to Finland. AP. It’s unclear what happened to his grandfather, but according to The Guardian, Alex Patty must have told police he died six months ago.

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According to Sky News, police will continue to look into his life and investigate exactly what happened to him in recent years.

– We have not yet established the full circumstances surrounding his disappearance, but whatever, we understand that this will be a massive process, a police representative in Manchester told the channel.