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AIK’s new acquisition surprised: ‘I didn’t think so’

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Zachary Elbouzedi started playing more and more in AIK.

The Irish winger is now talking about his first time at his new club.

– I didn’t think a big club like AIK would be interested, he told an Irishman the sun.

The 23-year-old right-hander signed for AIK earlier this summer. Zachary Bouzdi got a chance to turn things around.

Perhaps no wonder, because Grzelak followed the Irish for a long time.

– The AIK coach watched me play. Bouzidi says he was an under-21 coach in Sweden when we met them and she played really well, and adds:

– Keep following me, then you’re available.

Speaking of the first time in Sweden. This is very different from Ireland.

– It was great. I know the rules were very strict in Ireland, but it looks like Covid has never been here before. There are no mouth guards, and no checks required for dining in the restaurant. Buzdi says the weather was fine even though it’s starting to get a little cooler now.

Additionally, he touches on the reason for moving to AIK.

– I have always said that I am open to moving to another European country. Many people think that my style of play suits Europe better than it does in the UK, says Bouzdi and continues:

– I didn’t think such a big club would be interested. When I heard about AIK’s interest, it was an easy decision.

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