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Aid is starting to come to India which has been severely affected

Aid is starting to come to India which has been severely affected

On Tuesday, the number of infections reported in a single day was less than 320,000, up from 352,000 the previous day, Reuters writes. But the reduction should not be explained by a decrease in the actual spread of the disease, warns Rijo M. John, a professor of health economics, among others, who points out that the number of those he has tested has decreased.

“This does not indicate a decrease in cases, but rather that many cases have been missed,” he tweets.

And 2,771 deaths The death toll was reported on Tuesday, now close to 198,000.

India has called on the military to help with the crisis. Oxygen will be obtained from military depots and staff will be assigned to assist in hospitals.

Many countries, including the United States, Britain and Germany, have pledged assistance to India. On Tuesday morning, a consignment of medical equipment, including 100 respirators, arrived in Delhi from the UK, the Indian news agency ANI reported.

France has sent 250 embassies with oxygen generators that can supply oxygen for a long time, according to the country’s embassy.

Sweden will also contribute through the European Union.

Oxygen deficiency is severe Many hospitals, especially in the metropolitan area of ​​Delhi, have a population of over 20 million. In an attempt to transport oxygen quickly from other parts to Delhi, a vehicle loaded with vehicles carrying oxygen tanks is used. According to several media reports, the first train, known as the “Oxygen Express”, arrived in Delhi on Tuesday morning with 70 tonnes of oxygen.

Oxygen tankers are transported through India to the worst affected areas.

Photo: AFP

But it’s not just oxygen And missing drugs and care sites. While hotels and train stations have been converted into receptions, patients are allowed to sleep outside the hospitals. In Delhi, almost all intensive care units are occupied, ANI said on Tuesday. Work is underway to produce hundreds more within the next week.

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