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Between Don Aguero and Professor Besimista, Boris Johnson

  • Dr. Aguero and Prof. Besimista, two scientific advisers to the British government in the attacks of the radical conservative press

  • Tony Fucci, ‘American doctor’ with Trump

The voice of science in the UK during epidemics was not simulated by a Fernando Simon-style spokesman. Almost daily press conferences in the UK are conducted by a member of government. The most common is Prime Minister Boris Johnson or Health Minister Matt Hong Kong, who is always with a scientist on every side. The appointees are usually the head of the UK Medical Service, Chris Witty, And Scientific Adviser to the Government, Patrick Valens. Seeing that the British knew them, but they both did not love the camera, or became a celebrity. With Gray and boring picture, Whose purpose is to illustrate the evolution of Govt with maps and figures, to adjust the status of hospitals and, in some cases, wisely, Johnson’s excess.

British Simon, Chris Witty

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For both, the most difficult part of the task is to prevent undocumented enthusiasm for the Prime Minister in his interventions for the country. Johnson says it always works by scientific standards, but almost a year ago he said it was possible “Get this in the next 12 weeks.” Then he hurriedly opened his hand in the summer during the holidays and did it again at Christmas parties. Whitey and Wallace They tried to stop it Let him understand in vain that the consequences are beyond the control of the virus and that thousands of deaths. Unfortunately they were right. The third wave is more dangerous than the first. Now they are trying to avoid another dangerously fast expansion. After verifying that rhetoric does not defeat the virus, it seems that Johnson is starting to get more and more receptive to his messages.

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Target of conservative radical liberals

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The zeal of the two scientific advisers has become a character not valued by the public, exhausted by the expansions and expansions, and they are also the target of the radical liberal field of the Conservative Party. At Cognate Press, which acts as their loudspeaker, they nicknamed Witty and Wallace, Dr. Aguero Y. Professor Besimista, (Dr. Doom and Professor Dark), With headlines such as “Britain under the fist of scientists”, “Johnson was completely captured by Whitey and Wallace”, or Boris is now a prisoner of scientists “.

It was the British scientific class that broke the initial consensus at the outset of the epidemic, “We have seen scientists divided into sections & rdquor ;, The prestigious ‘Lancet’ magazine lamented. Personal attacks have also taken place. “It is a shame that Mr. Johnson is surrounded by ordinary scientific advisers,” wrote two epidemiologists at Oxford University. These divisions contributed to the breakdown of public confidence in science and the growing movement of the insurgency against the new restrictions.